V alentina Lucia Herold is a dancer located in Essen, Germany. Born in the south of Germany she discovered her passion for dance at the age of four. She started with ballet and expanded her repertory with modern dance, contemporary, argentine tango, camera work and commercial. Valentina started her studies for contemporary dance at the danceacademy balance1 in Berlin and continued at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany from where she is going to graduate in 2017. In Berlin her attention was drawn to Tango Argentino so she studied in Berlin, Wuppertal and Buenos Aires with different teachers and dancing partners. Since 2016 she has been teaching Tango in Wuppertal, Germany. Due to several music videos, short film and commercial she could also qualify for work in front of the camera.


„Ağir“ choreographer: Murat Alkan, 2016

coming soon

„Fehlba r|Zeit“ directior: Miriam Haltmeier, 2016

„Hinter den Fassaden“ choreographer: Szu-Wei Wu, 2014

„14/18 – Die Welt in Brand“ director: Johannes Klaus and Adolf Winkelmann, 2013


„Malou“ by Adalbert Wojaczek 2015

„SodaStream“ by Adalbert Wojaczek 2015

„A night to remember“, by Marcus Sternberg 2014

„Keep your head up“, by Adalbert Wojaczek 2014

„LENA - NEON“, by Bode Brodmüller 2013


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